Publication Language


The primary language of publication for the Asia Pacific Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences is English. All submissions in APJSBS, including manuscripts, abstracts, and supplementary materials, must be in this designated language.   


The choice of English as the publication language is in consideration of the international scope of the journal's readership, reaching the international scientific community in various subject fields.   The decision facilitates effective communication and ensures that research findings are accessible globally. The journal presents a good diversity of editorial boards from different countries. It aims to contribute to the international scholarly discourse, and using this common language supports this goal.


While the primary language is English, authors whose first language is not English are encouraged to seek professional translation services to ensure the clarity and accuracy of their submissions. The journal does not provide translation and language editing services but welcomes submissions from researchers across the globe. Authors are responsible for the linguistic quality of their submissions.


The APJSBS had a special edition in 2022 released in the Filipino language; however, an abstract in English was provided. For multilingual abstracts, authors are encouraged to give abstracts in both the primary language of the journal and, if possible, in the language commonly spoken in the region where the research was conducted. This practice enhances the accessibility of research findings to local and international audiences. 


Exceptions to the publication language may be considered in special cases, subject to the approval of the editorial board. Authors seeking an exception should contact the editorial office to discuss the circumstances and receive guidance before submission.


This publication language policy will be communicated to authors through the journal’s guide for authors and easily accessible on the journal’s website. This policy will be periodically reviewed and revised as necessary to align with the evolving standards and guidelines on publication language. Any revisions to this policy will be communicated to the authors, reviewers, and the broader scientific community.



Published/Revised on November 13, 2023.