Open Access Policy


The Asia Pacific Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences (APJSBS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to disseminating cutting-edge research in various disciplines of social and behavioral sciences. Our commitment to open access principles aims to make high-quality scholarly work universally available to a global audience. This Open Access Policy details the guiding principles, practices, and responsibilities that govern the provision of open access to research published in our journal.

Under this policy, all articles in the journal are made immediately and freely available online upon publication. This enables readers, researchers, and institutions worldwide to download, distribute, print, copy, and reproduce the content in any medium, provided that the integrity of the content is maintained and it is not used for commercial purposes. Should there be a need to use journal content for commercial objectives, prior written approval from the journal’s editorial board is required. This approach underscores our dedication to fostering a widely accessible and inclusive scientific discourse.