I40C Standard Compliance for Open Citations


The Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC) represents a collaborative effort uniting scholarly publishers, researchers, and various stakeholders in a mission to ensure free and unrestricted access to scholarly citation data.


This initiative is primarily focused on ensuring that citation data are structured, separable, and open. Structured refers to the presentation of each publication and citation instance in a uniform, machine-readable format, allowing for programmatic access. Separable implies that these citation instances can be individually accessed and analyzed, independent of the original bibliographic sources (such as journal articles and books) where they were initially cited. Open indicates that these data are not only freely accessible but also permit unrestricted reuse.


In alignment with this initiative, the APJSBS journal titles/ studies deposit its reference lists from journal articles to Crossref. This allows for the unrestricted distribution of references via Crossref’s comprehensive Metadata Delivery services to any party demonstrating interest. This participation underscores our commitment to fostering an environment of openness and accessibility in the realm of scholarly communications.